Overlanding 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Embarking on Your Journey

For the adventurers and travelers that are in search of new experiences around the world, overlanding is an exciting and trending way to explore.

This type of travel allows adventurers and explorers to wander off to unknown places as well as start and end their journeys anywhere in the world at any time. Overlanding is about exploring and leaving your comfort zone. While there are people who love adventure, overlanding has definitely been one of the most exciting ways to see the world as you can combine the pleasure of taking a road trip style journey in a vehicle to remote destinations while having the security of being able to camp on top of or alongside your vehicle.


What is Overlanding?

If you are someone new to this activity, overlanding actually means being over the land, camping without touching the ground. In this case, even rooftop tents are used in order to safely camp above your vehicle. This activity takes place usually in trucks or SUV’s that have a special roof designed for heavy loads. This allows passengers to not only camp on the vehicle itself, but also to dine and relax on top of the truck after arriving at their destination. Before setting off on an overlanding trip, it’s crucial to choose a vehicle that is suitable and prepared for this type of journey. Once you have chosen a sturdy and reliable vehicle, you’ll be ready to venture into the unknown.

Overlanding 101

The main question that people ask is what is the difference between overlanding and regular road trip style traveling and camping?

While not all places are suitable for camping, overlanding gives you the opportunity of having a campsite within your own vehicle. While some people expect a campsite, roasting marshmallows and a campfire, overlanding is a bit more extreme in this scenario; it does require special gear and a vehicle that is made to sustain rugged terrain. One of the main pieces of gear that you’ll need to purchase before taking off is a rooftop tent.

If you happen to be starting your journey in one of the top places in the United States (Utah) for overlanding, we recommend checking out some of the best rooftop tents Utah has to offer. You’ll also be able to find all the necessary equipment you need before you embark on the trip of a lifetime.

The purpose of this method of travel is not to visit one single destination but to explore the backcountry and go to places that are off the beaten track. Depending on the vehicle you choose, you could continue traveling to remote destination after remote destination for the foreseeable future if you choose.

Overlanding dates back to the 1900s, when Australia started building routes for long distance travels within the continent itself, now people who seem fascinated with the idea of exploring and venturing into the unknown, they find overlanding quite advantageous.

Overland Camping

Unlike planning for a weekend camping trip, overlanding involves having everything in your vehicle in order to travel long distances, while being prepared for the road but also having everything necessary to survive and for self-reliance during this trip.

While no one said it had to be an easy activity, overlanding is for adventurers who wish to conquer new destinations and venture into the unknown. While some people might take up on overlanding for a couple of days, others set their vehicles ready to travel for the entire year.

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