Selling Your Car? These Photography Tips will Get Your Car Noticed

The internet has become such a resourceful tool for many reasons including being able to sell just about anything that you’re no longer using or interested in keeping around.

Those who want to sell their cars can post them online for free in places like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and have potential buyers reaching out almost immediately.

If you are trying to sell your car online, it’s recommended that you include high quality photographs of your vehicle.

This is a crucial part to the sale of your vehicle as subpar photos will simply drive people away from your listing. Everything is visual these days so including photos is by far the most important part of selling a car online.

Often, poor quality photos don’t give people enough confidence in the item being sold, rather than ones that are in pristine condition. Clearly you’re going to attract more attention when you focus on quality no matter what you’re selling.

Whether you are selling online a used car or a brand new one, your photography skills on the vehicle need to be spot-on.

When you decide to sell your car online, a picture is extremely important as it is the main description of the vehicle. Even when you write down a literal description of the car, people are always going to look at a picture first and then decide if they are interested. Usually, posts that feature an image of a car, get more noticed than those that don’t feature a picture. For this same reason, people need to accurately represent their car through great photos. Check out the following car photography tips for people selling their cars.

Wash Your Car

Nothing is more important when selling a car than showing pictures of a clean and washed vehicle. No one wants to see a dirty and dusty car in pictures, this gives people an idea that the car is old and not taken care of. If you are thinking of selling your car, wash it before you decide to take pictures. Help your car by cleaning it inside and out, and then you can take close-up pictures with more confidence. If you also have a bumper sticker, this might be the time to remove it, as this will definitely give your car a better look. 


Where you decide to take the picture is also important. For instance if you decide to take your car pictures in your dusty old garage, this makes the entire picture lose quality and it loses its value because of a bad location background.Chose the location behind the picture presentable, you can pick a white wall t park the car in front of,or simply in the street. Just make sure you don’t pick a terrible place to snap your pictures in.


Another key aspect of taking a great car picture is choosing the correct lighting. Taking the pictures in daylight is always better as you can show details and all parts of the car. If you were to decide to take the pictures at night this would turn into a terrible idea since all the pictures could be blurry, the lack of natural light doesn’t accentuate the details of the car and therefore people won’t be able to really see the car itself, and this lack of light doesn’t help the color of the vehicle pop up as it really is. Choose to take the pictures during the day, and help yourself by using the natural light.

Selling a Car

Different Angles

Taking pictures of different angles is a great way to display your car on an ad or a listing online. Take wide pictures to show the entire car, but also photograph details and close-up features for the buyers to get a chance to see the entire vehicle as it is. This involves photographing details like the grip of the steering wheel, the dashboard, the fabric details of the car, among other things. The important aspect here is to take as many pictures as you can from different angles so that the car buyers get a chance to see the entire car in your post. Also, displaying more pictures gives the buyers more confidence, as they immediately think that you have nothing to hide, whereas if you take few pictures people think that you might be leaving some details out of a reason.

Don’t Touch Up Any Details

Picture everything as it is, don’t deceive anyone by editing things out. If your car has any scratches or details that need to be fixed, don’t be shy about taking pictures of this as well. Make sure that you don’t hide any details from the buyers as this will give you a good reputation online. If you think about hiding some things, and then when people are interested in the car and go see it, they will find out the hard way that you purposely avoided being truthful in your pictures and this will grant you a bad reputation as a seller. People want to know what they are buying, they want to trust the process and make sure they know everything from the product whenever they are buying it. 

Use a decent camera to take the pictures

Nowaday even the latest iphone or android versions have great quality in their picture settings, however if you don’t think that your phone has what it takes to snap great photos, use a decent camera to take a great photo. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy a camera, but borrow one from a friend or a family member. Using a camera ensures that your pictures have a great quality, and this gives your car-post more professionalism. People can identify the sellers that invested time in their posts because they have great quality photos, a wide variety of images and also a very decent description of the vehicle. Whereas a lazy seller is easy to spot, as they post low quality images, only a few of them without giving the buyer an opportunity to really see the details of the car, and they don’t work thoroughly on their post description.

Stand out from the other sellers and put time and care into what you publish online.

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