Smart Cars: The Benefits of Driving a Mini Electric Car

When Smart cars first started to be seen in our cities around 15 years ago, it is fair to say that they were immediately viewed by many as a bit of a joke. Derided for their goofy looks, pedestrian acceleration and low top speed, Smart cars were seen by many as the epitome of uncool. 

However, as time has gone by and the market electric in vehicles has moved into the mainstream, we have seen a softening in public opinion towards the mini electric car. Much of the initial scorn that was initially poured on has been negated by the long list of Smart car benefits for people living in urban areas. Read on to find out why you should not discard the Smart car when looking for your next car.

Did someone say parallel parking? How about vertical parking!

The most obvious advantage of driving a car that is not a lot longer than a bicycle relates to parking. In most big cities around the world, finding a parking space can often take about as long the initial drive if you do not have the luxury of private parking. How many times do you drive past a gap in your current car and wish that your car was just a couple of feet shorter? Unless you are trying to squeeze into a truly minuscule gap, this will never happen to you in a Smart car. 

Save a Ton of Fuel

There barely seems to be a year that goes by when the price of gas is not raised to a price that is even more scandalous than the year before. If you have the all-electric version of the Smart car, however, the ever-increasing price of fuel will no longer throw you into a rage. And with many more charging facilities popping up around our towns and cities, you can no charge rapidly on the go for a fraction of what you used to spend to fill up your old car.

Well Suited to City Living

If you stand by any city road at rush hour watching the traffic, one of the first things that you will notice is that the vast majority of cars only contain a single person. Not only does this produce air pollution and greenhouse gases which are terrible for the environment and public health, but it also contributes to journey length. If we all ditched our cumbersome SUVs, can you imagine how much more quickly we would be able to get from A to B? 

Have you ever wished that your car was a little better suited to city living? Well, there is actually nothing stopping you from trading in your current car for something smaller and nippier which will likely make your life much easier. 

Above are a just few of the reasons why you should consider buying a Smart car the next time you are in the market for a motor. Once you make the jump to a mini electric car, you are bound to discover many more.

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