Top 4 Innovations That Changed Cars Forever

Cars have been around for a while now, and every year we see new models with newer and improved innovations that impress us even further. Nevertheless, these innovations haven’t always been around. In the past, vehicles used to be very basic and their sole purpose was to take people from one place to another. In today’s world ingenious ways of using technology and other key features have changed the auto-industry forever.

Car companies now compete year after year for having the latest and most improved model in areas of entertainment, technology, safety, and even comfort. Over the years, cars have made numerous advancements that have changed the car’s forever, and these are the following:

1. Technology

Technology in cars hasn’t always been around. Little by little improvements have been made and gadgets have been added, for instance at the beginning, they started out adding cassette players, then developed into the CD, aux cables, Bluetooth and now people have airplay integrated into their sound systems. Even cars like Tesla have a huge touch screen included as a part of their innovative design, which is something they are quite popular for.

2. Built-in teen driving limitations 

If you haven’t heard of this, then this will definitely be a game-changer for you and for your family. Often, parents are scared or quite preoccupied to leave their teenagers behind the wheel on their own, either because they will act recklessly or because they can cause accidents going over the speed limit. In the game-changer car technologies, a built-in ten driving limitation has been developed in which parents can get alerts if the teen is driving past a certain speed limit, or if the seatbelts are not being used while driving, parents can even control the stereo volume restricted, to ensure their kids are paying enough attention on the road.

3. No key needed

Some cars have a great advantage of not needing the key physically for turning in, they might need it to be inside of the vehicle to get started, but they can be on the cup holder or even still on your bag. This makes it great to avoid all of those times you were frantically looking for your keys inside of your bag in order to open it or close it. In the same way, some cars can even get started with a button while still being outside of the car. Some of these new improvements have just made life easier for some people and they have definitely changed the car-game forever.

4. Proximity Alert

Nowadays, most cars are built up with beeping sensors that let you know when something is near you. Beforehand it started with having sensors on the trunk to allow you to identify if there was something near you that you weren’t seeing, and now new technologies have added sensors to the entire car so that even as you are driving you can hear a beeping sound a car gets very close to you. 

These have been only a couple of game-changing technologies, nevertheless, improvements keep on coming year after year, and it is quite exciting to see what auto industries have come up with.

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