How to Boost Sales of Your Car Wash Company

As the owner or designated operator of a small business, pushing your operation to be the best is one of your most important duties. While financial profit is of huge importance, pride in your business can further drive results. Owners, managers, and employees should stand ready to share successes and positive examples with both regular visitors and potential customers.

As an owner, you have sunk years of experience — not to mention a tidy investment — into a car care business, and you want customers to be as excited about the operation as you are. To help car care business owners and operators, we have compiled a list of marketing tricks to boost business and garner community attention. From building upgrades and special events to new offerings and online contests, here are some ideas. 

Increase Customer Engagement

If you want customers to get excited about your business, you need to engage them with something bigger than yourself. Sure, you may be a car care expert, but your “customers” may not know it. You can appeal to that concept by transforming your parking lot or lobby into a car care resort. Add workstations with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to expedite customers’ car care needs. Create zones for customers to browse items, chat with friends and browse home services, like bathroom and laundry services, prior to scheduling a service appointment.

Invite them to utilize the new front desk kiosk, which allows customers to initiate and book appointments and purchases through their cell phones, tablets, or computers.

Freebies and Specials

  1. Host a birthday party.
  2. Create sweepstakes.
  3. Offer raffle prizes.
  4. Set up a to-go counter.
  5. Specialize in certain regions of the country.
  6. Host special offers based on skill level.
  7. Have an open house.
  8. Host a prize giveaway.
  9. Host a VIP parking pass program.
  10. Host a merchandise drive.
  11. Host an event based on a theme.
  12. Host a live auction.
  13. Host a business award presentation.
  14. Host a gift drive.
  15. Host an anniversary.
  16. Host a customer appreciation day.
  17. Host an on-the-spot makeover.
  18. Host a haircut drive.
  19. Host a nail painting event.
  20. Host a product demo.

Additions to the Building

  1. Re-build a deck or patio.
  2. Get a dog-walking service.
  3. Install eco-friendly LED lighting.
  4. Remodel the lobby.
  5. Add TVs in the waiting area.
  6. Offer free Wi-Fi.
  7. Install massage chairs.

Expand Your Business

1. Offer pre-cleaning services.

2. Hire an outside exterminator.

3. Install a pizza oven.

Expanding the Season

1. Host special events.

2. Open for Christmas.

3. Open for summer.

4. Open before Memorial Day.

As an owner, you know your customers’ needs, desires, and preferences. These proven marketing tricks will help you reach your customers in more convenient, creative, and actionable ways.

Tips to encourage your employees 

1. Try a company-wide email campaign.

2. Promote upcoming job fairs.

3. Give customers and staff discounts.

4. Offer a “gift” to thank loyal employees and customers.

5. Leverage technology: You can bring in tools that can help your employees become more productive. For example, your salespeople are going to play a crucial role in helping your company grow. To help them in the process, you can automate tasks like commission tracking, quota management, etc, with the use of an incentive compensation management tool

Offer a Local Discount

  1. Participate in local food drives.
  2. Participate in car show fundraisers.
  3. Host regular parties.
  4. Make cars a regular event.
  5. Add arcade games.
  6. Add car figurines.
  7. Offer mystery specials.

Be a part of the community.

  1. Build your business visibility by participating in the local Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Participate in community events such as sporting events.
  1. Participate in holidays such as the 4th of July.
  2. Post the schedule of events on your site.

Take your marketing to the next level.

  1. Use Facebook ads to promote your business.
  2. Use Twitter and LinkedIn for social outreach.
  3. Create an email newsletter.
  4. Create an event calendar.
  5. Host a high school or college drive, such as Car Care Drive.

Engage with Customers on Social Media

1. Tweet customer photos.

2. Create a Facebook page.

3. Share freebies.

4. Help others.

Offer Tasks or Initiatives for Customers to Do

1. Order a quick car wash for a visitor.

2. Offer a discount on certain services.

3. Ask a visitor to deliver flyers.

Offer Freebie or Special Offers

1. Give a freebie on a particular day.

2. Offer a deal for an entire month.

3. Ask a visitor to build your website.

Be Amazing for Your Pet

1. Get a sign made and promote it.

2. Fly flags.

3. Host a pet-friendly event.

Boost Your Discounts and Special Offers

1. Freeze your prices.

2. Find a coupon code.

3. Offer gift cards.

Provide an Online Contest

This is a great way to encourage regular customers and customers in the market to stop by and take a look around. It’s also a way to increase your customer base as well. The winner will receive a set of free car wash tokens. 

If you have a customer newsletter, the contest is a great way to remind your list subscribers to subscribe. Offer an incentive to people who are loyal, and your referrals will increase. Give out prizes for those who refer your business to another person, or give out special offers to people who refer a customer to your business. Use rewards cards or points to incentivize your customer base to help others find you.

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