The Coolest Concept Vehicles of 2020

With amazing new technological advances looming just over the horizon in the auto industry, it is intriguing to think about what the future of cars will be. Concept vehicles are prototypes created by automotive companies that give consumers an idea of what that company will be aiming towards in the future, whether it be new technology or a new aesthetic. Here are some of the coolest 2020 concept vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Vision ATVR

This car looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, or perhaps a vehicle in the popular video game Halo, and the internal features only support this impression. This concept car features light-up wheels that can actually rotate to allow the car to “walk” sideways. Imagine never having to navigate your way out of a tight roadside parking space again! The car can read your pulse and monitor your breathing and display this information for you on a massive window display. It also features a series of bionic flaps on the back for aerodynamic purposes; however, they also house a series of cameras.

Kia HabaNiro

Kia boasts that the HabaNiro defines “a whole new category of vehicle”: the compact crossover utility vehicle. This car features butterfly-wing doors and a control panel that forgoes buttons and dials for a much sleeker touchscreen interface. One of the most innovative features of this concept is the Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D.) system, which is said to adjust the internal environment of the vehicle based on the driver’s emotional state, which is registered using “artificial intelligence-based bio-signal recognition technology”.

Ram 1500 OTG

“OTG” stands for off-the-grid because this concept truck is designed specifically for the adventurous type. This vehicle features a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel engine, and a 2-inch lift kit and air snorkel that allows its adventurous driver to traverse even the roughest of terrains. But perhaps the coolest part about this concept truck: it has a fully-collapsible campsite above the bed and a series of useful camping supplies in the bed itself. These features include a tent, a solar-powered light and solar panel, a stove, a sink, and a cooler!

Hyundai S-A1 Urban Air Mobility

This vehicle is amongst the first actual plans for rolling out flying vehicles on a large scale. A partnership between Hyundai and Uber, these flying cars could completely revolutionize urban travel and transport us straight into a Back to the Future movie. These vehicles appear more similar to consumer drones than they do to today’s cars, but just imagine calling an Uber and getting flown to work!

BMW i Vision Dynamics

This sleek machine was supposed to give Tesla a run for their money in the electric vehicle sector, but it has not yet taken to the market since it was first introduced in 2017. While still just a prototype, it is undeniably a beautiful car design and is a good omen for what BMW will do in the electric vehicle sector in coming years. It also boasts a top speed of 120 mph, which is quite impressive for an electric vehicle. 

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