20 Ways of Maximize Your Auto Insurance Savings

If you own an automobile you have to buy insurance for it as long as you keep it and it is usually for life. If you cannot avoid this cost you might want to maximize your savings and pay as low as possible. Whichever type of coverage you choose most of these savings will be applicable. They will be applicable to most drivers as well. Motorists can save substantial amounts on their premium if they are serious about it. Here are the possible discounts achievable. 

1.     Keep Claim Count Low

Having no claims qualifies you for good driver car insurance discounts. Think twice before filling in a claim form if it is worth it especially when the damages are manageable. Many experienced motorists prefer to pay some of the small damages out of pocket to keep low premiums.

2.     Choose the Right Car

Vehicles affect insurance quotes significantly. The safer the automobile is the lower the rates applicable regardless of your driving history. Actually, this would be extra important for high risk drivers. They can only make it worse for themselves by buying a sports car. Here you can learn more about safe autos

3.     Get Discounts for Your Profession

There are certain professions liked and rewarded by auto insurers. Yours may be one of them. There are plenty of them to count. Doctors, nurses, police officers, engineers and army officers are some. Remember not every company offers these occupation related savings. You need to find them. Also, some large companies may have arranged special insurance deals for their workers so check if there are such opportunities. 

4.     Get Membership Discounts

Check with the associations you are a member of if they can qualify you for discounts. Or you can be a member to take advantage of their good relations with certain companies. Some business or work related associations have discounts from companies like GEICO.

5.     Take an Advance Driver Course

Advance or defensive driving courses qualify drivers for around ten percent savings. If nothing works you can count on these courses to bring your rates down. You may learn a thing or two as well and give up your bad habits. Completing one of these courses is a good way of keeping inexpensive car insurance, especially for motorists over 50 years old but some states allow younger people to qualify for them too. 

6.     Check Your Policy for Excess Coverage

There is no need to pay extra for something that you do not need. For example, you may not realize that you have two roadside coverage; one from an independent company and the other included in your policy at a price. You can cancel one of them. 

7.     Get a Property with Parking

Having secure parking reduces your vehicle insurance rates. It would be more in the cities than small towns as vandalism and auto theft is more common in the cities. If you have got it already remember to mention it when getting quotes. 

8.     Keep an Eye on Your Credit History

Having a good credit score allows you to score well on loans and insurance. If you can help you should not let it slip down with missed payments. It does cost you more than you can think. You pay higher auto insurance and interest on your mortgage otherwise. 

9.     Get Multi Policy Discounts Every Way Possible

You can save money with multi-car policies. You can save by buying different lines of insurance products from the same provider. You can bring your partner’s auto insurance to your company and both save. 

10.  Explore Possibilities within the Family

You may be a young or high risk driver and automobile insurance premium can be very high. You may save some money by being included in a family member’s policy. You would increase their premium but not as much as what you would pay on your own. 

11.  Get Good Grades at College

It is hard for young people to find discounts. This is the one discount young people can get. You make your parents proud and save them some money on car insurance, if they are still paying for it. Otherwise, it is even better for you. 

12.  Increase Deductibles If You Can Afford It

Some policies may be great but expensive because they have too low deductibles. This can easily be fixed by asking them to raise deductibles and recalculate the premium. If you get a decent saving it may be worth having it a little higher. 

13.  Low Mileage Discounts

Check exactly how many miles you have been driving lately. Some automobile insurers use their mileage calculations based on your profession, distance between home and work and your social grouping. They may overestimate it. Also, changes in your life, work and surroundings can make you a low mileage driver. For example, you may now be sending children with a school bus instead of driving them. 

14.  Pay the Premium Upfront 

It is possible to get as much as a five percent car insurance discount by paying the premium upfront or renewing your policy a little earlier. At least you may save on the interest charges for spreading the payment. It is worth checking the possibilities or the charges for monthly payment. It may not be free to pay by monthly instalment. 

15.  Take the Benefits of Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are becoming rewarding these days. Paying by certain cards gives you points or air-miles. Premiums are large expenses that can give you a lot of points. 

16.  Never Be Ashamed of Asking for Discounts

Remember you hardly ever have a chance to meet the sales agent you spoke to on the phone. Ask if there are vehicle insurance savings you are eligible for and make them work for you. More often than not they will come up with something even for the sake of stopping you from shopping around. They should especially if you are a loyal customer. 

17.  Look for Other Chances to Save Money

Getting married, buying a home, moving close to work, getting promotions and a new title at work and working from home some days are some of the changes in your life that can save you money on auto insurance. 

18.  Drop Useless Coverage 

People arrange certain coverage a long time ago and forget about them. For example, you may have bought GAP insurance when you purchased the car with a loan. Now you may not need this coverage as the gap between the value of your vehicle and the loan outstanding closed or you paid off the loan. 

19.  Always Shop Around Even You Don’t Have Plans to Switch Insurers 

Most people end up switching when they get great deals for the exact same coverage from one of the top insurers. Wouldn’t you? It all starts with being curious and looking at your options. 

20.  Never Be Too Comfortable with Your Insurer

Many people lose money because they think the world of their providers. Do you think the other insurers will take your money and run away? They will provide coverage, decent claim and customer service as well. If they can offer you better prices, why not let them? 

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