10 Fun & Easy DIY Car Interior Upgrades

For most millennials, our cars are our lifelines – they are a reflection of our personalities and our means of transportation. As we spend so much time in our cars, why not make them as comfortable and personalised as possible? Here are some fun and easy DIY car interior upgrades for car-lovers looking to spice up their ride. And don’t forget, car interior protection is important, so we’ll include some tips on that too.

Install LED Lights

LED lights are an easy way to add ambiance to your car interior. You can find them in a variety of colours and styles, and they can be installed easily with some adhesive tape (just ensure you select an LED light set that can be controlled with a remote!). You can choose to place the lights under the dashboard or the seats, depending on what you like.

Phone Mount

A phone mount can improve your driving experience by allowing you to keep your phone in sight for GPS or music purposes. You can buy a phone mount from a local store or opt for a DIY version using binder clips with some rubber bands.

Floor Mats

Car mats are one of the most frequently used car accessories, leaving them dirtied and worn out. If your car mats are in a deplorable state, you can change them with better designs or colour with custom car mats – you can find them at affordable prices from online stores or try a DIY project with rugs or carpet.

Seat Covers

If your car seats are stained or looking worn, seat covers can improve their look and provide protection from further wear and tear. You can find auto stores that carry seat covers or opt for a custom-made version that suits your design and pattern preferences.

Car Air Freshener

A car air freshener can freshen up the air in your car and make your trip less vexing. Apart from the common air fresheners like spray and stick ons, you can make a DIY air freshener with cotton balls, your favourite perfume or essential oil, and a small jar.


A sunshade can keep the heat out on hot summer days and protect your car’s interior from UV rays. You can find pre-made sunshades in shops or create a custom one from cardboard and aluminium foil.

Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover is an affordable and stylish way to give your car’s interior an upgrade. It can fend off flaking, chipping, and other signs of general wear and tear while making your steering wheel look sleek and new. You can either buy a pre-made one or make one yourself.

Dashboard Cover

The dashboard is prone to damage from sunlight, leaving it faded or cracked. Investing in an affordable dashboard cover will help protect it from UV rays and ensure that it remains glossy and new.

Cup Holders

Cupholders are an oft-overlooked feature in a car interior, but they are convenient when driving. You can easily add cup holders by carving out some space in your car’s central console.

Plush Toys

Having a plush toy in the car can bring some joy to your trips, and they can also be used as supportive pillows. You can repurpose a soft stuffed animal or make one from fabric.

There you have it, 10 fun and affordable ways to upgrade your car’s interior

Keep in mind that car protection is crucial to maintaining your pride and joy. By using some of the tips mentioned above and protecting your car’s interior, you can create an enjoyable and personalised driving experience. Happy DIYing!

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