3 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that there are 69 million breakdowns per year in the US?

Keeping your car in working order is important, especially if you’re the only one that uses it. If you don’t make sure that it is kept up, it will be in bad shape when you need it.

Do you have a consistent problem that you’ve been unable to fix? There’s a good chance that you’ve made a few mistakes along the way. While nobody expects you to be an expert, our guide can help you understand where you’re going wrong.

Don’t make the same mistake twice. Check out these common car maintenance mistakes and how you can avoid making them.

1. Ignoring Strange Noises

An unexpected noise is often the first symptom of common car issues. Different types of noises can indicate various problems. The most essential thing to remember when you hear an unusual noise is to pay attention to it.

Driving a car is an activity that involves all of your senses. It may be tempting to relax while cruising, but you must pay attention to the vehicle you’re controlling. An odd noise seldom goes away on its own and ignoring it always results in worse issues.

If you hear a stage noise and the check engine light comes on, go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

2. Neglecting Regular Servicing

One essential part of car maintenance is to stick to the service schedule. Oil changes and fluid flushes, replacing car parts, and filter changes are all examples of routine maintenance services.

Having your automobile maintained at an auto repair shop also allows your technician to check for any other faults that might lead to more expensive repairs if left ignored. This is a combination of planned and preventive maintenance.

Failing to meet your service schedule can lead to more breakdowns, poorer performance, and higher emissions.

3. Neglecting Your Tire Pressure

Since the tires are the only component of your car that touch the road, they require special attention. Low tire pressure can impact your vehicle’s braking distance, fuel efficiency, and performance.

Even if your car has a pressure monitoring system, you should still check the pressure manually regularly. In-car systems can be unreliable, but monitoring your own tire pressure allows you to visually inspect your tires for wear.

On the driver’s side of your vehicle, you should be able to see the recommended tire pressure displayed on a door placard. Check your pressure every third time you fuel up to ensure they’re properly filled.

Avoid These Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Routine car maintenance is an essential part of car ownership. It not only ensures that your car runs smoothly but also helps prevent car accidents. If you avoid regular maintenance, you open yourself up to risk and higher costs down the line.

If you’re afraid that you might be making common car maintenance mistakes, we hope this guide has helped allay your fears and given you some clarity on the situation.

If so, check out the rest of our blog for everything you need to know about cars and motoring.

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