Classic Car Enthusiasts: Top 7 Vintage Cars of All Time

Everyone in the world has fantasized at some point of owning a super cool car. When it comes to newer models, everything is improved and over the top luxurious, however, there are still some vintage cars that are known for being the best of all times, and these are what car enthusiasts search for. Even Elon Musk, the entrepreneur and billionaire owner of Tesla, has opted for buying vintage classic cars to add to his car collection, as these models seem to never go out of style.

Check out these top vintage models and instead of opting for a new car, check out these older models that are still quite popular all around.

1. Jaguar E-Type

Called “one of the most beautiful cars ever made” this model was designed by Enzo ferrari and it backdates to 1960. This car is eternally a classic, and a vehicle that can perform up to 150 mph. Known as being one of the best cars from its era, it continues today to impress a lot of car enthusiasts for its beauty and its timeless design.

2. 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra

Designed in 1966, this design is one of the most impressive cars ever made. With a beautiful black and white design, this model is quite unique as only 23 of these were ever made around the world. 

3. 1957 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

Another timeless classic, the Mercedes Gullwing has an impressive design with doors opening to the sky, which gives it the look of having wings. This 1957-model is known today for being one of the top cars in the collector’s displays.

4. Chevrolet Corvette

Definitely a car that will give you the vibe that you are in a James Bond movie, this classic design is the most collected vehicle in all USA. Although it is an older model that dates back to 1963, it still maintains its popularity for having such a modern and over the top exterior. 

5. Lamborghini Miura

This beautiful green car is considered to be one of the sexiest cars ever built, according to Sports Car Market. Launched in 1966, this speedster was designed to beat the Ferrari off the charts, a transcendent design and it is still quite popular today, being sold at auction houses or the Lamborghini Club.

6. 1984-96 Ferrari Testarossa

Over the top, this model was built in the 80’s and if you recognize it is because it was driven by Don Johnson in Miami Vice. This model was paired to a 5-speed manual and its one classic car design for having automatic seatbelts, directional dome lights, and even pop-up headlights.

7. 1948-66 Porsche 356

Another classic design, Porsche 911 is considered to be one of the greatest sports cars ever built. This two-seater debuted in 1948 but was produced all the way to 1966. Today, Porsche fans from around the world collect this vehicle for being one of a kind, exotic and unique vehicle.

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