How to Hire an Automotive Journalist

Did you know that only 1 in 3 potential buyers know the exact car they want to purchase?

Consumers rely on automotive journalism to help inform their decisions and keep them up to date with current automotive industry trends. If you want to create impactful content for auto enthusiasts, an automotive journalist can help.

This guide explains how to hire an automotive writer you can trust to deliver content that wins traction and expands your readership.

Read on for everything you need to know.

Get References

If you’re searching for a freelance writer to create automotive content, be sure to get references from your associates.

The chances are that your professional network already contains contacts who have used automotive journalists themselves. Ask them for recommendations on freelance content creators before you contact them yourself.

You can ask what they liked about the service, and what they thought could have been done better. A freelance writer with glowing references is always worth a second look.

Ask to See a Portfolio

During the pre-interview phase, you’ll want to see a portfolio of work from any potential automotive journalist. 

A writer’s portfolio helps you get a sense of their tone, delivery, and style. For example, if you’re looking to market electric cars, you might want to avoid a journalist who specializes in articles about 4x4s.

Invite journalists to submit their portfolios. This gives you a chance to compare their work before committing to interviews.

Check Out Websites

Visit journalist websites to learn more about them. Look for candidates with up-to-date sites, full of positive testimonials and recent examples of publication.

You can tell a lot about a journalist by how their web page looks and functions. As they will most likely write online articles for you, it is imperative that they understand the importance of web layout and design.

Request Proposals

You shouldn’t hire somebody based on their portfolio alone. Instead, get bids and rates for general automobile topics, and request proposals for more specific articles.

By advertising on the right platforms, you should receive numerous proposals by the next day.

A well-formed proposal demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge base and gives you a writing sample to evaluate.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

When choosing an automotive content creator, it’s easy to compromise on quality in favor of cost. However, this is a counter-intuitive approach.

You have thousands of candidates to choose from. It makes more sense to spend a little extra on a freelance writer you know can deliver.

Automotive journalism is specialized, so look for candidates with extensive knowledge and experience. Check out Alex Showalter for a journalist who fits the brief.

Choosing the Right Automotive Journalist

When you hire an automotive journalist, you need someone with extensive automotive industry insight. You want your content to be engaging, thematic, and immersive for the reader.

These tips will help you choose someone who can achieve these goals. So, why not start your hiring drive today?

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