Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons of Never Having to Drive Again

Whether you are for or against the idea of self-driving cars, there can be little doubt that they are on the way. Megabucks are being thrown at developing the sophisticated software required for cars to navigate routes safely. Companies like Apple, Tesla, General Motors and Waymo are currently engaged in an intense race to come up with the first car driven solely by artificial intelligence, and the winner of this race is set to win big.

It surely will not be long before we start to see driverless cars cruising around the streets. But is there anything that you would miss about driving your own car? Will your life be measurably improved when you do not have to take the wheel to get where you need to go? 

The Pros

  1. Safer

If we are to believe the people who are developing the artificial intelligence used to run driverless cars, the cars will potentially be much safer than normal driving. You will no longer be at the mercy of human error (either your own or someone else’s), which will eliminate much of the risk that we currently face when getting into a car.

  1. Less Traffic

The software used in self-driving cars could dramatically reduce the amount of traffic on our roads. Delays caused by human drivers’ lack of reaction time and concentration could increase the number of cars that pass through the traffic lights on every green light. They will also be able to discover the fastest route to speed up your journey.

  1. Designated Drivers

If you have ever been driven to a party or a bar with friends, you will know the annoyance of having to fulfill the role of designated driver. With self-driving cars, you will be able to drink to your heart’s content without having to worry about how you will get home.

The Cons

  1. Safety Issues

Although the developers of driverless car claim that they are safer, many people have expressed concerns about whether this can ever be true. There is certainly something disconcerting about entrusting your life to a machine.

  1. Driving Pleasure

If self-drive cars ever do come to dominate the automobile market, it is probable that some people will miss the sensation of freedom that comes with driving a regular car. Somehow, the prospect of a road trip starts to sound a little less romantic when there is an AI is behind the wheel.

  1. Privacy

As with many other aspects of the digital world, privacy is set to be a big issue for self-drive cars. People should be justifiable concerned about a third-party having access to data on their movements every time they go anywhere and then using it for potentially nefarious purposes.

It will not be long before we are all being driven around in driverless cars. But whenever we make a leap forward, it is always helpful to assess exactly what we will be gaining and weigh it up against that which we will lose. This is what this post has aimed to do.

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