Things to Do if You Can’t Find Your Car Keys

The last thing you want to experience is losing your car keys. Imagine if you parked in the middle of the night and are in a hurry to go home. Suddenly, you realise that you don’t have your keys with you. Here are the right things to do during such situation. 

Stay calm and collected

Don’t panic even if you feel like doing it. Remain calm and composed. It might seem like a big problem now, but you will get over it. The moment you start to panic, you won’t know what to do next.

Before you call for help, look into your bags and pockets first. You might realise that your keys are inside and you misplaced them. Don’t assume that your lost car keys are left inside the car right away. Given how busy you are, you might have misplaced them somewhere.

Call a locksmith

The next thing to do is to call a locksmith. If you already know someone, call that person, and help will soon arrive. However, if you don’t know anyone who can provide the service, go online and look for information. Try calling the companies with the nearest available services. Some of them also provide emergency 24/7 services. The experts at Keyworx Auto Locksmiths will be happy to assist you with all of your locksmith needs.

While waiting, look for a safe place where no one can harm you. If there are security officers nearby, stay close to them. If you parked in a dark area, move somewhere else. You don’t want to be in danger while waiting for help to arrive.

Call your insurance company

Remember that lost keys are usually not covered under your car insurance. However, you may check the terms and conditions to determine what to do during this circumstance. If possible, try not to select this option since it might hurt your long-term coverage and bonuses. Some insurance companies might cover the cost if someone stole your car keys. However, unless you can prove it, it’s better not to rely on your insurance provider.

Call a towing company

If there are no locksmith services in the area, you might want to call a towing company. It’s the only way to leave the area immediately. It’s also the best option if you got stuck in the middle of nowhere and you want to save yourself and the vehicle. These towing companies are reliable for emergency services. They know what to do, and they will arrive as quickly as possible.

It can be a traumatic experience to lose your car keys, and you can’t easily find help. The good thing is that locksmith services are always available. If you already have a reliable partner, save the contact number on your speed dials. The next time it happens, you already know whom to call. However, it’s even better if you learn from your mistakes. You can’t be in the same situation again in the future. Remember where you keep your car keys at home and when you leave.

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